Introduction to Astrology

Don’t know much about astrology? Well, let’s start with your natal chart. Your natal chart is the snapshat of the sky at the time of your birth. It can be thought of as a roadmap for the story of your life. The sky is divided in 12 houses, each corresponding to an area of our life. Upon intrepretation of the natal chart, the houses reflect WHERE or which area of life you are doing something.

House I – Self                                   House 2 – Possessions
House 3 – Communication      House 4 – Home
House 5 – Creativity                     House 6 – Service & Health
House 7 – Partners                       House 8 – Sex, Death, Business
House 9 – Religion & Philosophy   House 10 – Career
House 11 – Friends                    House 12 – Sacrifice

There also signs or constellations that revolve around the cusp of each house. The signs reflect HOW or the way in which we do something.

Aries – “I am” Taurus – “I have” Mercury – “I think” Cancer – “I feel” Leo – “I love” Virgo – “I serve” Libra – “We are” Scorpio – “We have” Sagittarius – “We think” Capricorn – “We achieve” Aquarius – “We love” Pisces- “We serve”

Finally there are also planets that constantly revolve around each of the houses too. The planet’s explain WHAT you are doing. .

Sun – Be Moon – Feel Mercury: Communicate Venus – Enjoy Mars – Act upon
Jupiter – Being Generous Saturn – Work Hard Uranus – Innovate Pluto – Control
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